Library Scavenger Hunt

I use this at the start of the year for the Upper Elementary classes to familiarize themselves with what is in the library. Modify it to fit the books and sections you have in your collection

Library Scavenger Hunt
Each question is worth 10 points. A close guess on #17 will earn you bonus points. Each correct answer on #14 is worth 2 points. Incorrect answers on #16 and 19 will cost you 5 points.

1.A book may be checked out for a period of ______________________.

3-5. Name three magazines found in the library.

6.The section in the library that has books about a person’s life story is called


7.How many computers does the Library have?

8.What is the title of the biography that has the call numbers J 920 FUL?

9.What is the name of a general set of encyclopedia?

10.Books with Dewey numbers are usually _____________________ books.

11.According to the Dewey Decimal Classification System, the 300 section groups together materials on what subject?

12.The call number 612 contains books about what subject?

13.A biography of Anne Frank would have what call numbers and letters?

14.The Reference section has dictionaries of languages other than English. What other language dictionary does this library have?

15.What is the title of the book found at J 793 BLU?

16.Who runs the library?

17.How many books are in the library?

18.What is the title of a book found at J FIC PAR

19.What happens if your book is overdue?


  1. This is very nice! I would love to borrow some of your questions for a similar activity at my school... BTW, my students are in America and they don't read or speak English well either ;^) (2nd/3rd graders!)

  2. Borrowing! My passive programming spring break needs something like this. Thanks!